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Find hope even when it feels impossible.

Lathan Craft is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur determined to help people find meaning in the messiest seasons of life.

Unlock your potential

Renew your sense of self

Find a new confidence

Life has thrown you a massive curveball.

Be it grief, sudden change, loss, or even a new opportunity that requires a great sacrifice. No one is without a time in their life where they feel like the wind has been knocked out of them. In the middle of the mess is where we often have to make the biggest changes, and we help people navigate that change with a pathway to purpose.

Proven pathways to help you find belonging

Becoming Belonging

Companies, organizations, and schools are the prime arena to instill belonging in each person who comes through your doors.

Made for Purpose

Created for executives and those in leadership, Made for Purpose helps you realign who you are with what you do.

Stress Grapes

Your pain has more potential than you realize, but sometimes when you feel too much it’s hard to see the future.

After Words

Your story can and will impact people. Putting ink to paper will help solidify the legacy no matter the story you’ve lived.

I get it
I’ve lived the messy life we all try to avoid.

I’ve spent the last # of my life finding the pathway through the mess, creating tools and resources for others, and building a life that allows me to remember that mess is inevitable but my response is up to me.

Lathan has a heart for people. He has the ability to see those who feel unseen or forgotten and speak life into their souls through the Gospel. His life is a true testimony of God’s love and faithfulness.

Michelle Toruno

Stay-At-Home Mom

Lathan is a great leader who is passionate about his work that God has led him to do! He calls those who are around him to be creative, and use their spiritual gifts for God’s glory. He leads with intention and always strives to reach those who surround him.

Mark Alire

Amateur Boxer

Lathan’s ability to walk with others as they navigate challenging terrain with ease and compassion is truly a gift. His presence and intentionality with others are visible fruits that represent the type of servant leader our upside down world is starving for.

Jonathan Collier


Here’s how it works:

1. Pick Your Pathway

There’s something here for everyone. No matter the season of life you’re in, our pathways to meaning are designed with your current season in mind.

2. Engage and Educate

Every pathway looks different but all of them require you to engage. You’ll dig deep, find closure in your journey, and begin understanding the needed next steps.

3. Find Your Meaning

Meaning will no longer be a mysterious future that always feels out of reach. It’ll be the foundation that you’ll build each day upon, standing confidently in who you are and who you’re going to become.

Hi! I’m Lathan page1image22246192


At Lathan Craft, we know that you want to live a life of meaning. In order to do that, you need a way to help navigate the mess that life can throw your way. The problem is sometimes it’s too hard to pick your head up enough to breathe, let alone see a way forward. All in all, it’s far too easy to feel trapped and insignificant.

I believe you should have a chance to find deep and fruitful meaning in your life. I get it, I’ve lived a life of mess and confusion before. I knew a change had to happen which is why for the last # of years I’ve built pathways for others to find their own sense of meaning.