What if there’s
more to life
than what’s in
front of you

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Lathan Craft - Storyteller
Meet Lathan Craft — Author of the Amazon Best-Seller The Leper in the Church, Host of The Other Side of the Church Podcast, and Founder of Heartbeat From Hope.
Lathan studied at William Jessup University and received his Masters of Leadership, as well as a bachelor’s degree in counseling and psychology from Biola University. He has a heart for motivational speaking, ministry, and reaching others through transparent and hope-filled discussion.
Lathan Speaks

Lathan Speaks

Bring Lathan to your event, organization, or church with a message of hope, acceptance, and inspiration for those who want to make a difference.

Made For Purpose

Made For Purpose

Reignite your passion and make an impact in the world. Hire Lathan as a personal or organizational coach.

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Other Side  of the Church Podcast

Other Side of the Church Podcast

Real stories of real pain, with real hope in a real Jesus.

<b>Heartbeat </b><b>From </b><b>Hope</b>

Heartbeat From Hope

Heartbeat From Hope teaches individuals and organizations both the mindset and the refreshingly simple habits that bring hope to the hope-deprived.